To Do Listとボールペン

Yikes! Summer is now a memory!

Now is the time of year that we prepare for:

  • Back to school
  • Gulf Coast Weather
  • The holidays!!!

Back to school requires:

  • Clothes
  • School supplies
  • Clean out closets of outgrown clothes
  • Back into an early morning routine!

I know none of this is new news! However, getting back into routine after a lazy, hazy summer is difficult! There is so much to do to get your child out the door on time to get to class prepared and all of this requires a plan!  What is your plan?  What works best for your family and your schedule?

Here are a few tips that may help!

  • Plan a Family Huddle *
  • Plan, plan, plan will help with so much to reduce stress and missed projects and being late
  • Be sure to get the school calendar on your family and personal calendar!!

*Schedule a time during the weekend (Saturday morning, afternoon or Sunday afternoon).  If you have trouble getting them to the table, try food – popcorn, cinnamon rolls, or pizza.

Rules of the table:

  • Everyone comes and stays for the entire session (even Dad)
  • Everyone brings their planner.  I recommend one family calendar for everything that is going on with you family.  Consider color coding each member of your family.
  • Start things off with the best thing that happened at school /work this passed week.
  • Everyone in your family gets a turn to tell what they have coming up this next week (you may want to go the next two weeks to check on upcoming projects and big reports.)  Even Mom and dad get a turn.  Your children need to know if parents will be out of town or have a special events coming up.
  • End the huddle with sharing fun events coming up next week.

Now that you know what is going on with your children, look at your schedule and plan for any carpooling, snacks that you need to bring to afterschool events or anything else that needs your attention!

Next week, we will discuss getting prepared for Gulf Coast weather.

Happy Organizing!


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