Taking Time to Quiet the Visual Noise

Taking Time to Quiet the Visual Noise

When you look around where you are right now, what do you see? I see a few things that need to be put away. I will put them away when I leave my desk. Having an organized area to work does take a continued effort. Getting organized is not a do this and it is done. Nooooo! Getting and being organized is like a moving target. We are constantly getting things out and out of place and we need to constantly put things back where they belong! I have heard (many) people tell me, I don’t fix my bed in the morning because I am just going to mess it up again. That is true!! And that is their choice. My choice is to fix my bed in the morning. For one thing, it quiets the visual noise. Another thing, it puts me in a good mood because my room is not much neater and peaceful when I walk in at the end of a busy day. When I am tired, my made-bed brings me peace at the end of a busy day.

What else can we do to give peace to a busy household? A clean kitchen. Clean up at the end of the day. Put things away and get the things you need for morning prepared. I do have help in the kitchen after dinner. My husband helps put food away and will dry the pots and put them away. Sometimes as I cook large meals, I make sure utensils are washed and dishes go in the dishwasher as I go along so I don’t have a big clean up the end. When I walk into my kitchen in the morning (pre-tea Marla), it is so nice to not look at a counter full of dishes!! Again, it contributes to peace and there isn’t a bunch of dirty dishes causing visual noise!

Laundry, comes in at a very close 3rd in this race for keeping things put away. When clothes come out of the dryer…well, they have been known to stay in the basket for such a time as there is confusion whether they are clean or dirty. That doesn’t happen at my house because I don’t use a laundry basket and my loads are manageable. By having smaller loads, I can stand at the dryer and hang clothes and also fold them and put them away. While we are here discussing laundry, NEVER put sheets and towels in the washer or dryer together, it causes your sheets to get nobbie. You will extend the ‘life’ of your sheets by washing the alone.

What other areas do you find have pile-ups?  Well, there is paper. You may ask, why didn’t I start there!! Paper isn’t as bad as it use to be, however, it is still a problem! The mail is usually more junk mail than good stuff. Well, stand next to your shredder and recycle can so that it doesn’t end up piling up on the counter. This becomes a postponed decision when it just piles up and up and up.

What do all these things have in common? A habit! When we first get up in the morning, fix the bed and be done with it. I don’t like to come back to it! The same can be applied to all the other things above.

I understand a very busy lifestyle and also a lack on energy and we just don’t feel like it. We aren’t perfect! I am far from it. If you can’t get to the things you want to do, it is ok. Give yourself a temporary break, as long as you know you will get to it, quicker than later!!

We all work better when we have smaller messes to handle, so don’t let things pile up and if you do…it happens, ask for help, if help is not available, then break up your tasks into smaller, manageable tasks!

If you need help in setting up routines or need a nudge, reach out to me! We can have a complimentary 20-minute chat to help you get started!

Happy Organizing!

Marla Regan CCP, owner of Organized Time is a Productivity Specialist and Certified Family Manager ® Coach specializing in helping clients with their productivity in their home and office.

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