The Morning Routine

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Have you discovered the wonders of listening to Podcasts? It is amazing how much I learn about different topics!! Recently, I found a trend or a theme. It was the importance of a good Morning Routine. I had a good one, I did had a good Morning Routine, I just didn’t follow it. It was not a routine with intention. My phone would ping when it was time to:

  • get up
  • have my quiet time
  • head downstairs for breakfast
  • exercise
  • shower / dress
  • be out the door

Prior to my intentional morning routine, I would hear my phone ping and think, it’s 6:30 am….ughhh and roll over and actually get out bed when it was time to go downstairs for breakfast, never did I actually stick to my intended program.

What shifted? As I read about how the lives and businesses that were changed by having a morning routine to which one gave thought and energy, I knew I wanted ‘some of that’! I began reading the book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, one of the things he wrote struck a big, long, loud chord with me, there was no personal accountability in ignoring my prompts to wake up and move to each activity I had set up for my morning success. It was sending a message to me, that I really didn’t care about me.  I am not important. It was time to change that attitute with different actions!   Each item in my routine was a step in achieving my spiritual, physical and mental goal I set in my 2015 goals. I really let me down. I knew I needed to begin NOW. Listening to these podcasts and reading The Miracle Morning really helped me to have a plan of action and a place to begin.

I knew one of my stumbling blocks was ‘entering the Earth’s atmosphere’ or waking up in the morning. When getting to sleep at night is a challenge, it makes waking up a little difficult. The podcast I listened to help with that challenge. They recommended an app called “Sleep Cycle”. Once your alarm is set to wake you at an appointed time, the app will alarm in a 30-minute range of your set time to wake you when you are not in a deep sleep. Ah ha! That has helped me so much!!

I have also discovered the wonders of Essential Oils! Amazing what that natural wonder will do to help quiet my nightly busy brain and help me to sleep! I also diffuse lemongrass essential oil in the morning to help wake my brain. It is a happy scent I really enjoy as well.

Being the organizer that I am, and a person who LOVES to check off the things I have accomplished, (measurable results – that is Goal Setting 101, right?) I created a checklist for the week to help me do all the items I want to accomplish before heading downstairs for breakfast. It has been almost a week, and I haven’t missed a wake-up call. It is amazing how good I feel and the energy I have in the morning!

I am happy to share my tips for a Successful Morning Routine with you. For a complimentary 20-minute session on how to have a great morning,  start with a Productivity Strategy Session, click here.  Don’t delay.  The schedule on my phone was set up in October, 2014 and here it is 6 months later and I am finally getting the rest and having energy to accomplish so much more than I have in a very long time!

Happy Organizing!


Fall! Wow, it’s October ! Everyone I talk to says the SAME thing! Where has 2014 gone!! We, in Houston, are so ready for the Fall and the end of hot, humid, muggy days, which will happen around Dec 29th. October ushers in the warm colors of gold, brown and orange. It is pumpkin season!!! We are enjoying pumpkin drinks, and baked goods. I have my pumpkin pretties out. Can you tell? Fall is my favorite time of year.

October is that time when we begin to thinking about what is ahead of us…the holidays! If your reaction to that statement was ugh! I am here to help!! I will be blogging about holiday prep and will be having a Virtual Day dedicated to getting your thoughts, home and office prepared for each holiday from now until New Year’s Day!!

Are you wondering what a Virtual Day is?
#1 – You don’t have to leave your house!
#2 – It is all on the telephone
#3 – You will leave with a plan of action for the upcoming holiday seasons.

Those who have attended my past virtual days for Holiday Prep
>Were more prepared for the upcoming holidays
>Saved money
>Saved time
>Enjoyed their family and friends
>Enjoyed peace of mind during these family events

If you are ready to get a jump start on the holidays from Columbus Day to New Year’s Day and all holidays in between, Click Here for more Details!

Summer’s here…here comes the house guests

Welcome MatI asked a question on Facebook about what other people do when they are expecting company for a couple of weeks. The answered ranged from suggesting hotel stay for them, for me, a trip to the liquor store, cook and freeze dishes.

I appreciate all the suggestions, which I will list at the bottom of this blog. The guests I am expecting is my daughter, son –in-law and 10 month old granddaughter.   They already know how to make themselves at home. The stuff in the closet is theirs….well, I could make more room and move my winter stuff… This visit is a little different, I need to baby proof my home (10-month-old granddaughter). She is VERY busy, pulling up and starting to walk along couches. She is starting the scoot / crawl and is so very curious!!

I have asked what she is now eating and drinking and have my list for her. Check! I need to get plug covers, cabinet latches, a baby gate for the stairs, and move the dog’s food bowl. The only baby proofing I’m not sure how to handle is the dog! I know my dog will be sweet with her sharing the floor. My dog has met the baby, but only on a short-term basis, when she wasn’t mobile or verbal. It will be different!!

Here is the list from my Facebook friends:

  • Have snacks in the pantry so they can help themselves
  • Put a small coffee pot in their room
  • Put bottled water in their room
  • Make sure there is plenty of TP (and they know where it is kept)
  • Give them their own key
  • Cook ahead and freeze for quick breakfast and dinner
  • Put family pictures in their room so they feel at home
  • Clear space in the closet and empty drawers
  • Suggest a hotel
  • Go to the liquor store
  • Lots of wine

‘We’ll leave the light on for you!’

Random Acts of Organizing: The Family Huddle

Reddit Photo Pajama Day mix up with Picture DayIf you saw my Facebook post on Friday, you saw this picture (from Reddit) of this little boy in SpongeBob PJ’s in his school picture because his mom mixed up picture day with pajama day!!! I just hope he didn’t have to stand on the front row of his class picture!!  Chances are that would not have happened if his mom, dad and siblings would have had a family time around the kitchen table to discuss the weekly happenings of the whole family. I call this a ‘Family Huddle’.

It is quite simple.

  • EVERYONE in the household participates at one designated time during the weekend.
  • They bring their planners, either paper or electronic.
  • Everyone gets a turn to share what they have coming up.
  • Dad shares that he has work and possibly going out of town and when he will return.
  • Mom shares her meetings and the help she will need keeping the house clean because guests are expected.
  • Each child in the home shares what they have coming up, including sports events, after school events and any projects, tests, etc. that are coming up.

Why?  So everyone knows what to expect, they will be mentally prepared for upcoming events and can support one another.  This weekly activity will help prevent Jr. from wearing PJ’s on Picture Day and also to prevent that dreaded statement on Sunday night at 8:30 p.m., “Mom!  I need a poster!”  It is recommended that for school aged children, you look two weeks out.

Note:  If you are new to Family Huddles, it help to pop popcorn or bake cookies.  The yummy smells will bring them to the table!
If you have a preschooler, either print a calendar page from Outlook and give them markers or crayons and allow them to participate in the huddle.  When they are old enough to read and know that they have things to do and places to go, they will be in routine!

Happy Organizing!

Why do we have April Fools Day?

In my research to find out why we have April Fools Day, I came across an interesting story that involved the calendar!  Calendars are something I can’t live without, so I thought this would be an interesting share!

tear-off day calendarAs the story goes, “In the 1500’s France altered their calendar to coincide with the Roman calendar.  Previously the New Year began in Spring, on April 1.  The Roman calendar began on January 1.  The news travels slowly throughout France. Not everyone got the memo, so the people celebrating New Year’s on April 1 were refered to as ‘April Fools’.”

There was one other story: “April 1 was tied to the vernal equinox when Mother Nature fools people with unpredictable weather.” That makes sense with the crazy weather we have all been experiencing!!

Whatever the reason, we need to be cautious on April Fools.

NOTE:  Be sure to check the salt and sugar before adding it to you food or drink!! (Yes, that was a prank I pulled on my parents years ago!)

Happy April Fools, y’all!

Random Acts of Organizing

Paper piles for managing paper productivityPaper! There needs to be a bumper sticker that says, “Paper Happens”. It happens daily! Paper piles also happen when there isn’t a system in place for the information that enters our office and our home on a daily basis. Here is how it creeps up on us:
• Memos
• Agendas
• Printed emails
• Client information
• Proposals
• Flyers for events
• Mail (Office and Home)
• Paper from school
• Newspapers
• Magazines
…and lots more!!!

The popular system that I see in all the offices and homes I go into, is the pile-it system. I hear, “I know where everything is”. Of course you do, you review it often!! There has been a little hyperventilating when I help (you know who you are), however when we finish the task at hand and have created our system (designed just for them). There is a sigh of relief and wonder of wonders, a cleared off desk top!Organized paper paper productivity

Results: Productivity and less stress!!

Did you know? The bigger the trash can, the more you will throw away? How big is your trash can?


Are you ready to do something about your paper piles?

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Random Acts of Organizing

You may not consider this Random Act anything to do with organizing, however it has everything toHealth benefits of drinking water do with organizing!  Drinking water!  When you are dehydrated, you will find that you are tired and possibly listless, your skin and lips are dry and you don’t feel like doing things, like organizing!!

Drink as much water as you can.  I find having a straw in my glass or using a bottle with a straw helps me to drink more water.  You will find that you are more alert and feel much better.  You may even see the scale go down a bit.  The down side may be the trips you make to the bathroom.  I count that as exercise!

Here’s to your health and…
Happy Organizing!!

Random Acts of Organizing

This week’s Random Act of Organizing  is a ‘two-fer’.

I recently attended a networking event.  When I asked someone for their business card, they told Business Card Organizingme they had given out their last card.  I asked, to whom? They told me.  I asked that person  to see the card.  I took a picture of the card and gave it back.  Now I have it and know exactly where it is when I am ready to follow up.

Have you heard of CardMunch?  An app for your phone, which is a business card scanner that creates a contact list. This list is a separate list from your regular contact list on your phone.

Part 2

Keep a supply of business cards in your glove box.  That way, when your business card holder is running low or out of cards, you can ‘reload’ in your car.  Think about it, you need your business cards when you are out and about, you really don’t need 500 – 1000 business cards in your office!

How do you organize your business cards after a networking event?

Happy Organizing!

Random Acts of Organizing

Are you a recipe collector?  Here is my solution:recipe organizer1 Recipe Organizer 3

1 Project Box
1 – 2 Sets of Notebook dividers w/ tabs
Random recipes (you already have)

Sort the recipes in categories, i.e., Chicken, Side Dishes, Veggies, Desserts, Holiday Favorites, etc.  When you get all your recipes in piles, label the divider tabs and place the recipes behind the divider.  Done!  Most project boxes will fit on a shelf.

Recipe Organizer 2

The project boxes can be found at office supply stores or in the office supply department at most large stores.
Reuse notebook dividers from conferences you have attended and no longer wish to keep the information.

As you clip new recipes, place it behind the correct divider to keep the recipes from piling up.  As you try a recipe that won’t be cooked again, recycle.

Happy Organizing,

Random Acts of Organizing

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep!Organizing Sleep  Sleep
is so important to our energy, decsion making and overall well-
being.  Our Random Act of Organizing tip is to limit artificial light
in the hours before bedtime.  This will lower our melatonin levels,
which will make it harder to fall asleep.  The sleep quality just won’t be there.  Set a time for lights out and plan what needs to be done prior to that time so you will say nighty night on time and wake refreshed!

Clock only  Clock only  Clock onlyChristmas stress shopping woman

Let me help you with your holiday celebrations!
If the thought of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah being 27 days away and Christmas is only 57 days away blows your mind.  You just don’t know where to start to get it all done and keep your sanity, let me help you get organized for the holidays with a plan of action that will include you enjoying the holiday celebration and your family!!

Come to my Virtual Workshop on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013 for
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Happy Organizing!